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Probation/Parole Lawyer in Houston, TX

A Brief Summary of the Following Page

  • Similarities: Probation and parole in Texas share the goal of rehabilitating criminal defendants outside of prison, with conditions like employment, law adherence, and reporting residency changes.
  • Differences: Governed by different entities, probation is managed by the Texas criminal justice system, while parole is overseen by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Probation is a pre-prison sentence option, and parole is a post-prison release.
  • Legal Representation: For probationers, legal advice helps prevent prison for violations. For parolees, an attorney can defend against revocation. Lawyers also assist in preparing for parole hearings, advocating for release.
  • Advocacy Role: Experienced attorneys play a crucial role in guiding probationers and parolees through their conditions, preventing violations, and representing them in hearings, thereby advocating for their continued freedom or parole success.
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Probation and parole are valuable programs within the criminal justice system that benefit both criminal defendants and society as a whole. The ultimate goal of both probation and parole is to rehabilitate defendants so they become law-abiding members of society. Defendants typically go on probation prior to serving any time in prison, and defendants go on parole after being released from prison. Probationers and parolees must meet certain conditions to stay out of prison. For example, some of the conditions may include following the law, reporting any change in residence, and keeping a job. It can be difficult to navigate the rules of probation or parole, and many defendants could benefit from the advice of an experienced probation or parole lawyer in Houston.

Even though the two programs have their differences, they still have the shared goal of fostering rehabilitation of criminal defendants while also protecting the community. Probation and parole are serious matters to a defendant because both involve time spent out of prison. Probation violations have serious consequences that can result in the defendant being sent to prison. A defendant facing parole should prepare in advance for their parole hearing so that they have the best chance of earning the conditional release from prison. If you are facing a probation violation or a parole hearing, you should turn to a trusted legal advocate for help. Mary E. Conn & Associates has a highly experienced team of Houston probation and parole lawyers who want to help defendants stay out of prison. Give us a call today to learn more about how our team can help. 

How Are Probation and Parole Similar and Different in Texas? 

Probation and parole are similar programs because they both allow criminal defendants to remain out of prison with the goal of rehabilitation. A probationer typically serves a probation sentence instead of going to prison, and a parolee receives a conditional release from prison in order to reintegrate into society in a law-abiding manner. The conditions of both probation and parole are meant to protect the community. For example, probationers and parolees both have to remain employed, follow the law, and report changes in their residences. Additional conditions can be applied to a probation sentence or parole depending on the defendant’s situation. While on parole or probation, criminal defendants must be on their best behavior and exhibit an inclination for rehabilitation.

While probation and parole programs have similar goals and conditions that must be met, they also differ.  For example, the probation and parole programs are governed by different bodies in Texas. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles oversees the parole program. On the other hand, the Texas criminal justice system manages the probation program. Criminal defendants can receive a probation sentence after negotiating a plea bargain, and the judge can alter the conditions of a defendant’s probation. With parole, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles usually sets the conditions of parole for all defendants. Another difference between probation and parole is the stage at which they occur within the criminal justice system. While parole occurs after a defendant’s release from prison, probation typically occurs before a defendant serves time in jail or prison. A probation sentence may even take the place of an actual prison sentence depending on the circumstances surrounding the defendant’s criminal offense.

Why Should You Hire a Probation or Parole Lawyer in Houston?

Both probationers and parolees could benefit greatly from sound legal advice and strong representation. To begin, probationers are at great risk of being sent to prison if they violate a probation condition. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help a probationer stay out of prison by advising the defendant on how to follow the terms and conditions of their probation. Should a probation violation occur, an attorney can represent the defendant and advocate for them. Attorneys can help parolees in the same way. When a criminal defendant is on parole, they are usually on a conditional release from prison. If the parolee violates any of the conditions of parole, their parole could be revoked, and the parolee could be sent back to prison. A parolee needs an experienced probation or parole lawyer who can represent them should they violate a condition of parole. Probationers and parolees need experienced Houston probation or parole lawyers who can advocate for their rights when faced with the possibility of imprisonment.

Probation or parole attorneys in Houston can be of great help to imprisoned defendants with upcoming parole hearings as well. Defendants in prison should consider hiring a parole lawyer well in advance of their first parole hearing date. A probation or parole lawyer can advise the defendant on how to conduct themselves in prison to increase their chance of earning parole. Additionally, an attorney can represent the criminal defendant at the parole hearing before the board and make a strong argument as to why the defendant should be released on parole. If you are a criminal defendant with an upcoming parole hearing, you should consider hiring an experienced parole lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

Contact the Highly Experienced Team of Probation/Parole Lawyers With Mary E. Conn & Associates Today

Criminal defendants on probation or parole must follow certain rules and meet certain conditions in order to stay out of prison. Probation and parole attorneys can help defendants avoid making mistakes that violate the terms or conditions of their probation or parole, and such Houston probation or parole attorneys can represent probationers and parolees if any violations of those conditions occur. Any criminal defendant facing probation or parole should not hesitate to obtain legal representation. Our team of Houston probation or parole lawyers are highly experienced, and they are passionate about helping probationers and parolees remain out of prison as law-abiding citizens.

Mary E. Conn & Associates has a team of dedicated criminal defense lawyers who want to advocate for the rights of probationers and parolees. If you are facing probation or parole, you should not hesitate to reach out to our team of probation or parole lawyers because they want to help you. To speak with a member of our experienced team today, you can call (713) 357-4190 or fill out our contact form.


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