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What Classifies as an Internet Crime in Houston?

Posted in Texas Law on October 9, 2020


Internet criminal behavior has severely increased over the past 20 years. State and federal laws have been created to define internet and computer crimes. As internet usage grows, the risk of criminal activity increases. You may not even be aware that your action is illegal.


Laws now cover cyberbullying and sexting along with more obvious charges like internet fraud and possession of child pornography. This complex and evolving legal area requires diligence and continued research to understand and accurately defend against internet criminal charges.


Mary E. Conn & Associates provides quality representation for internet criminal charges by staying current on laws and legal proceedings. We work hard to ensure a strong defense to protect your rights and future.


What is an Internet Crime?


Cybercrime is an advancing field that grows as the internet expands in usage and capability. Any crime that involves computer use and the internet falls under the umbrella of internet or cybercrime. The scope of criminal activity varies greatly from fraud to solicitation of minors. This broad scope and expanding legal category means you need an attorney who understands this evolving category of the law.


With more people of all ages gaining access to the internet, new and creative categories of criminal activity lead to even more laws with potential criminal charges. It isn’t always obvious that an online behavior or action breaks a law. The classification of internet or computer crime often feels murky. Therefore, to navigate these complex laws, work with an experienced internet criminal attorney in Houston.


Common Internet Criminal Charges


If you engage in illegal activities on the internet, you may face criminal charges. If you’re charged with a crime, contact Mary E. Conn & Associates immediately. In many cases, your rights as a defendant are not properly represented or protected. It’s our job to protect your rights and provide a strong defense.


Potential Internet Criminal Charges

· Internet fraud
· Computer vandalism
· Identity theft
· Money laundering
· Theft of proprietary information
· Online solicitation of minors
· Online impersonation
· Possession or distribution of child pornography
· Conspiracy to commit these or other crimes


As technology expands, so will the potential charges for internet crimes.


Criminal Defense for Internet Crimes


Mary E. Conn & Associates provides criminal defense for client’s charged with internet crimes. We defend clients throughout Texas who face state and federal internet charges. Informed legal representation is the key to a strong defense against internet charges. With the evolving and broad definitions of internet crime, you need a quality internet crime attorney who gets the job done.


We partner with computer experts and forensic scientists to determine whether there is a victim and whether the charges faced by the defendant were actually committed. Also, internet crimes often accompany other criminal charges. It’s vital for your defense to understand the specific charges and how they intertwine.


Know the Risks – Penalties for Internet Crimes


The penalties for internet crimes vary widely depending on the charge. Many charges for internet crimes carry heavy penalties, including jail time and fines. For example, the penalties for a charge or breach of computer security range from a Class B misdemeanor (up to 180 days in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000) to a First Degree felony (up to life in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000).


Computer crimes are not minimal. You could face incarceration and large fines. If you face charges for an internet or computer crime, you have no choice but to take it seriously. Contact Mary E. Conn & Associates to request a consultation today!

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