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Kimberly Rusios-De La Calzada

Kimberly Rusios-De La Calzada is a graduate of Hospitality Management from the University’s in the Philippines, a mom to one awesome kid, a wife for 8 years and a legal assistant to Mary E. Conn & Associates. For the past years, I’ve worked as a customer service representative for more than a year, Sales Executive in Retail, Manufacturing and E-commerce Industry, Business Development Manager in Hotel and Financing Industry for more than 3 years and as a freelance virtual assistant for more than two years now.

Working in various industries has taught Kim a lot, including how to evaluate customer information, investigate problems and develop potential solutions, prospect new leads using a variety of strategies, build relationships with important decision-makers, maintain positive relationships with clients and coworkers, and get the chance to lead and manage expansion teams. Kim has a very open mind when it comes to learning new things that will improve her abilities and experience.

Kim has always been a firm believer of “when you ask, you receive answers, and even if you don’t, that’s an answer”. She says, it’s normal to not know everything and that it’s always better to ask than pretend. It is acceptable if you don’t get the answer you need, another opportunity will present itself for answers.

During her free time Kim enjoys scrolling through Facebook, watching series, shows and videos, cooking, and spending time with her son, taking him out for groceries, biking in a park, church, travel, doing homework, or eating at his favorite fast-food restaurant.

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