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How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

Posted in Criminal Defense on March 18, 2021

If you face criminal charges in Houston, Texas, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. At Mary E. Conn & Associates, we represent clients facing many types of criminal charges backed by decades of experience, extensive knowledge of the law, and familiarity with the local criminal court system.


When charged with a crime, it’s vital to contact an attorney quickly to begin building your defense. However, you want to ensure you work with a qualified attorney to give you the best chance at a positive result.


What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

People facing criminal charges have the right to legal representation. The two categories for criminal defense are private and court-appointed attorneys. In Texas, you can request a court-appointed attorney. However, when you work with a court-appointed attorney, you do not select the attorney for your case.


A private attorney works independently of the state. The client selects their attorney and is responsible for legal fees as agreed upon with the attorney. The state is not involved in the process. As the client, you can ensure your attorney has the experience you want.


The job of a criminal defense attorney is to research the information regarding the case, understand the charges and legal criminal procedures and negotiate with the prosecution to achieve the best outcome for the client. A defense attorney works for you and represents your interests.


The Importance of a Strong Defense for Criminal Charges

You deserve a fair outcome when faced with criminal charges. The way to receive a fair outcome is through the legal expertise of a defense attorney. The legal system is complex and requires knowledge of the processes and procedures. From submitting a plea to negotiating a deal, your defense attorney navigates the process on your behalf.


Without a strong defense, you risk losing your freedom and rights. Even charges that don’t seem serious, like misdemeanors, can cost you fines and jail time. Criminal convictions can limit your employment opportunities, housing options, and even your right to vote.


Don’t leave your criminal defense to chance. Take charge by working with a law firm dedicated to providing each client with a strong defense. Mary E. Conn & Associates knows how to fight criminal charges in Houston, Texas.


Find the Right Defense Attorney

Not all private defense attorneys are a good fit. When facing criminal charges, you may feel desperate and eager to settle for any attorney. Don’t lower your expectations. Instead, do the work to locate an attorney with top reviews and experience in your type of case.


When you look for an attorney, set the following criteria:


  • Experience in Criminal Law
  • Familiar with Houston Courts
  • Proven Track Record
  • Effective Defense Strategies
  • Resources to Manage Your Case


Trust Your Defense to Mary E. Conn & Associates

Do you want the confidence of a strong defense? Mary E. Conn & Associates is your choice! As a top defense attorney in Houston, you’ll receive the expertise and dedication you deserve.


Contact Mary E. Conn & Associates today to schedule a consultation.


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