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Can A Felony Charge Get Dismissed?

Posted in Criminal Defense on November 5, 2021

Can A Felony Charge Get Dismissed?

Felony charges are serious and carry heavy consequences. If you face felony charges, you need the best possible defense to achieve a positive outcome. Thankfully, with the right legal team on your side, you’ll have expert guidance to develop the right defense strategy, including pursuing reduced or dismissed charges.

Mary E. Conn & Associates Firm represents clients in Houston, Texas who face criminal charges, including felonies. We have a proven track record of success both at trial and pretrial negotiations. 

What is a Felony in Texas?

Texas law takes felony charges seriously. In Texas, a felony is a higher-level charge for criminal behavior. Like a misdemeanor, felony charges can lead to an ongoing loss of your rights and freedoms. Felonies carry penalties of incarceration in state or federal prison and fines, from 2 years to 99 years or life, or life without possibility of parole. Misdemeanors carry less onerous penalties of incarceration in county jails and fines. 

Felonies cover a large range of crimes. Examples of crimes that may lead to a felony charge include drug possession, aggravated assault, certain DUI charges, robbery, and murder. Regardless of the level of the crime, once you receive a felony conviction, the charge almost always remains on your record. Thankfully, in many cases, we are able to remove the charges from your record.

Penalties for Felony Charges

In Texas, felonies divide into five categories:

  • Capital felonies – Life or death
  • First degree felonies – 5 – 99 years in prison
  • Second degree felonies – 2 – 20 years in prison
  • Third degree felonies – 2 – 10 years in prison
  • State jail felonies – 180 days to 2 years in a state jail prison

Reduced or Dismissed

At Mary E. Conn & Associates, each client receives a customized defense based on the specifics of the charges and case. Clients have three primary options to avoid _NO – once we have the case it is charged. We can’t keep it from being charged once it’s filed. Clients have three primary options to resolve a felony charge without going to trial. Each option depends on the evidence and circumstances of the case. 

Reasons Charges May Change

  • Poor evidence or lack of witnesses
  • Unlawful search and seizure, which violates the Fourth Amendment
  • Too many cases on the docket
  • Errors in the procedural process required by law
  • The prosecution makes a deal for the cooperation of the defendant 

Types of Changes to Charges

  • Reduced Charges – The prosecutor and defense attorney negotiate a plea bargain to lower a felony charge to a reduced degree or misdemeanor charge.
  • Dismissed Charges – We can convince grand jury or prosecutor may choose to dismiss charges.  

Do I Need a Defense Attorney in a Felony Case?

Yes! If you face felony charges, you need the expertise of a proven defense attorney. Do not plead guilty to felony charges or “take a deal” before you seek professional counsel. Felony convictions include harsh penalties like prison time and hefty fines. 

Plus, once convicted of a felony, the charges ????? Apply? What kind of word is that? will attach to your criminal record. Even after you’ve completed the penalties, a felony can impact your life. You may lose your right to vote, own a firearm, pursue certain professional certifications, hold certain jobs, and even limit where you can live. 

The price is too high to face a felony case on your own. With the right attorney on your side, you have a much better chance of achieving an improved outcome.

Work with An Expert Houston Criminal Lawyer

Mary E. Conn & Associates represents clients in the Houston area that face criminal charges. Each client receives an expert defense designed to address your specific case. Protect your rights and freedom. 

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